Monday, January 26, 2015

How to overcome constipation

Everyone who has suffered from constipation knows the pain and uneasiness he gets from this condition.  It is important to have a bile movement regularly and if the movement is infrequent then there is a problem with your digestive system.  When constipation becomes chronic then it becomes a serious health problem and needs to be dealt with.

If no care is taken on time, constipation causes ailments such as cancer, heart disease, appendicitis, diabetes, hernia and other diseases. Hence it is necessary to take action if you are not able to move your bowels at least once a day to avoid serious health problems later. 

Eat foods that are full of fiber such as drumstick, carrot, dry peas and spinach as it will help you to regulate the body and clean your system.  Avoid spicy food as it hampers the digestive system.

Have fruits such as mangoes, red apples, blueberries, prunes and grapes as they are high in Vitamin C and fiber f and they will assist you with cleaning out the intestinal walls and help to stop constipation problems and you can have a well regulated digestive tract.

Drink enough water because if you body does not get enough body it becomes difficult to flush out the toxins and chemicals.  Water helps you overcome constipation and your bowel movements become regular.

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