Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Natural Constipation Cures- Features and Advantages!!

Constipation is the most common gastrointestinal ailment troubling millions of people worldwide. It is characterized by irregular bowel movements. In this digestive disorder a person experiences hard feces that are difficult to expel. Furthermore a clogged intestine is home to various toxins that cause nutritional deficiency and many other diseases.

Though constipation cures are many including laxatives, enemas etc but the best possible cure till now is natural laxative. Constipation cure through synthetic laxatives may sometime prove to be dangerous i.e. the over use of certain stimulant laxatives has lead to the formation of a new form of constipation in North America known as Lazy Bowel Syndrome. Synthetic laxatives when used for a longer period of time results in laxative dependency, chronic constipation and chemical imbalances.

However natural laxatives as constipation cure are completely safe because-
• They do not cause physical dependency
• They are safe to use
• They have no fatal side-effects like stomach cramps, and diarrhea
• They do not cause weight gain
• They cause no irritation to the intestine
• They help strengthen the colon and acts as an excellent constipation relief remedy

One such natural laxative and constipation cure which possesses all the above mentioned features is VitoLax. VitoLax constipation relief formula helps you to get rid of constipation naturally and easily. It regularizes your bowel movement and makes defecation convenient and pain free for you. VitoLax constipation relief formula comprises of herbal ingredients which possesses natural laxative properties that adds bulk and moisture content to the stool. Vitolax constipation relief formula strengthens digestive functions and lessens your feeling of discomfort and bloatedness. It helps you to get relieved from all symptoms of constipation naturally. To know more about this incredible constipation remedy, visit

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