Friday, January 7, 2011

Free yourself from constipation in a natural and safe way

Constipation means difficulty in passing a stool and when a person is constipated they try all kinds of remedies to get relieved of it, which in turn can affect their system.

Some of the symptoms of constipationare:
• Difficulty in passing a normal bowel movement.
• Infrequency of passing a stool.
• Abdominal cramps, excessive gas, sense of bloating, change in bowel habits.
• Loss of appetite, distended abdomen, headaches.

To make you free of constipation one should have a diet which contains fiber. Fabre provides bulk which helps open the passage to eliminate waste through the bowel. Water is the best source of fluid whereas alcohol, caffeine and sodas, are not recommended. Lack of exercise is also one of the causes of constipation, without which there is no muscle contraction which remove the wastage through the bowels.

An easy and safe way to relieve constipation is natural remedies which are safe and effective. VitoLax is one such effective herbal product that helps relieve constipation problems effectively and without any side effects. For more details on this product, visit its website

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